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Grass Fed Whey is the most searched and most preferred protein supplement all over the world. It is trusted by athletes, bodybuilders and fitness freaks all over the world. It helps in repair and replenishment of body muscles. It also helps in growth of body muscles. Organic grass fed whey protein contains all the essential amino acids which are building blocks of protein required by the human body. Buy online Grass Fed Whey in India with Fitnescart.

What is Grass Fed Whey ?

As you must be aware, raw grass fed whey is derived from milk. Milk essentially contains two types of proteins - 80% casein and 20% whey. Whey is a liquid product which is derived from milk during cheese production. Gred fed whey is essentially a better form of Grass Fed Whey that contains more immune-boosting and bioactive compounds. This Grass Fed Whey is derived from the milk of grass fed whey protein cows. These cows are raised on pastures which focus extensively on organic practices and feed the cows only natural plant-based diets. These cows are not fed traditional millets, corn or soy and that is why their milk is of much better quality. 

What are the benefits of 100 grass fed whey protein

100 grass fed whey protein is much more rich in amino acids than ordinary Grass Fed.  helps with cancer and iron overboard, it is also an immune booster, it also supports anti oxidant levels in blood. It contains Beta-lactoglobulin which helps in a lot of ways - 
Antioxidant - Research has proven that organic grass fed whey contains high amounts of antioxidants. 
Low cholesterol levels - It also helps in maintaining cholesterol levels which is good for your heart. 
Strong immune system - Regular consumption of  organic grass fed whey protein powder ensures a strong immune system which will help you in the long run. 
Blood Pressure control  - Research has shown promising results that Grass Fed Whey helps in lowering blood pressure. It helps people who have high B.P. 

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