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If you are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle then you must be familiar with the concept of health supplements. Protein powders have emerged as game changers in the field of health supplements. If you are looking to Buy online Whey Proteins in Delhi NCR then you have arrived just at the right place. Fitnescart is an online platform that provides you with quality products at a discounted price. 

What is whey protein exactly?

You must have heard this term a number of times. It is often mentioned by gym trainers and fitness freaks. But what exactly is this whey protein powder ? Whey protein is a form of protein essentially obtained from milk during production of cheese. Whey protein is the protein content that is present in liquid whey, this liquid whey is concentrated and dried to make Whey protein powder. This whey protein powder contains all the essential amino acids such as immunoglobulins, serum albumin, alpha lactalbumin, etc. Fitnescart provides all original and authorized whey protein powders from most trusted brands of India. If you are searching for whey protein online shopping or want to Buy online Whey Proteins in India then fitnescart is definitely the right choice for you. 

Why should you consume Whey protein powder daily ?
Whey protein is derived from liquid whey which is obtained as a byproduct of cheese production. It is considered a high quality protein supplement. Whey protein contains nine essential amino acids such as serum albumin, immunoglobulins and alpha-lactalbumin etc. It is high in amino acids while low in lactose. Check whey protein 5kg best price if you are a fitness freak or simply someone who wants to maintain a healthy body then you must start consuming Whey Protein. Order whey protein online because good quality whey protein helps you in building your body muscles, replenishing the essential nutrients after an intense workout and ensures proper supply of protein the whole day. Indian diet usually consists of a lot of carbohydrates but lacks in protein, thus, you must incorporate daily dosage of whey protein in your diet to ensure full body growth and repair. 

What are the benefits of whey protein powder ?

People often use whey protein as a supplement on a daily basis as it helps in improving muscle protein synthesis and promotes growth of muscles in the body so what are waiting for check whey protein sale online. There are many benefits of whey protein powder :
Tissue repair and heal - Research has shown that whey protein powder helps in tissue repair. It helps in replenishing the essential amino acids in the body after an intense workout. It helps in repair and healing the body. 

Weight gain - A lot of people consume whey protein powder to gain weight. It helps in building lean muscles of the body. It does not let fat accumulate in the body. 
Extra nutrition - Indian diet often lacks protein. It contains a lot of carbohydrates and fats. Whey protein powder provides extra nutrition to the body.  
Growth of muscles - Protein is the muscle building block of our body. As whey protein contains almost 90% protein, it helps in growth of muscles. 
Low cholesterol - Study has shown that regular consumption of whey protein powder helps in control of cholesterol levels. 

What are the types of Whey protein powder ?
They are basically three types of protein - whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. 

Whey protein concentrate - WPC is a concentrated form of whey protein. It has low levels of fat and carbohydrates. It contains almost 90% of protein. 

Whey protein isolate - Whey protein isolate is a much more concentrated form of whey protein. It does not contain any fats or carbohydrates. It contains almost 90% protein. 

Whey protein hydrolysate - Whey protein hydrolysate is obtained through a process called partial hydrolysis. This process partially predigests the whey protein and helps it absorb faster in the body.  

At Fitnescart you can easily check whey protein offers online to Buy online Whey Proteins in Delhi NCR at a discounted price. It is the most trusted platform for authentic health supplements in India. 

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